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sysprep in windows xp pro

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  • sysprep in windows xp pro

    i am swapping a motherboard out(upgrading),do i have to use sysprep,tried to swap out a motherboard and xp had a heart attack,any sugesstions? all info would be much appriciated :

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    I've came accoss this before also.
    It is possible that it might be required to change the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). However, I have had some cases where this didn't work and just had to do a clean install.
    For example changing from and Intel mobo to an Asus (completely different chipset and everything else too)

    Just a heads up before you start trying things, this was a quote from one site "The chances of successfully changing a HAL after XP has been installed is pretty close to zilch."

    I have looked around for ideas before without any sucess (other than re-install)

    I hope you have everything backed up.

    Any insight/ideas welcome.
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