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backup two physcial drives

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  • mtaib
    started a topic backup two physcial drives

    backup two physcial drives

    Hi can i backup two physcial drives (say C and D) using windows backup utility into a single backup file. I have tried with two logical drives, it works fine. i couldn't try with two physical drives. please let me know any one of you have any experience in this area.

    Also, I have connected a CD-Rom into motherboards Secondary Master slot, and mentioned 'None" in bios value, but when it comes to windows XP i can still see Cd-rom is present in hard> device manager and the cd-rom is operational. According to basic rules, even the cd-rom is connected to the right port, but if mentioned as 'none' bios values, windows xp shouldn't auto detect the ROM.. please correct if i am wrong.



  • topper
    Hi mtaib,

    Yes Windows Backup can backup 2 physical drives into on backup file, it doesn't see any difference between logical and physical.

    What errors where you gettign when you tried this ?

    On the BIOS issue, it depends on what value you set to "none", usually you can either enable\disable IDE ports rather than just set them to "none".


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