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Bad XP install / Cant format C

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  • Bad XP install / Cant format C

    I'm installing windows XP on a friends PC.
    I removed ME, formatted the drive using NTFS, and got part way through the XP install when there was an error and install was aborted.
    The computer now says its restarting the install process and continually restarts.
    When I boot from the xp cd, and go to repair console so I can re-format, it asks for an administrator password to access the C drive. I never got far enough through the install to set up a password. Is there a default password windows uses or a way around this so I can re format and start again?
    I'm sure its a simple solution for someone, but I can't seem to figure it out.

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    Why do you want to format from the Repair Console? Why not try a clean install again and delete the partition that is causing you a problem (and recreate it again).

    If the install fails again, there is a text file in the root of the install drive that has errors of what may be causing it. (If it gets to about 34 minutes to go then I think you may have a video problem.)
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      XP Bad Install Help...

      There is about 34 minutes left in the install, however, I had XP running on this same machine previously, with the same video card, without problem.
      It originally had ME, I overwrote it with XP, backed up all files needed, and reformatted due to all kinds of spyware viruses crashing etc. It now freezes during an install on a freshly ntfs formatted drive.
      I have tried to do a clean install, but it seems to try and continue where it left off and froze before anyways.
      I want to delete the partition (or reformat I guess, whatever, there is only one partition on the drive).
      How can I boot to a C: prompt without windows loading up first, and without it asking me for an administrator password? If I can do this, then I'll be able to check the txt file for the error, but I can't even get that far......
      Would it have worked on the previous install but not this one if it is a problem with the video card?
      Should I format it using FAT32 instead?
      How do I do this on a 40G drive?
      Do you recommend the Killdisk program?


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        I would recommend on win 98 setup floppy.


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          Thanks for the suggestions......
          Tonight I'll try booting off a windows 98 floppy.
          If I can do this, I should be able to reformat it as fat32 from it, then retry the XP install once its re-formatted, (I hope)
          Any other suggestions before I try this?


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            Tip !

            Over writting is not a good way . Just boot from WIndows 09 bootable floppy
            . Format C:/ drive . Again boot your machine . In BIOS ofcourse set
            CD ROM as first boot device.....Insert Win XP cd , and run set up and
            select option "Convert partition to NTFS " dont format it . There you go .
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