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Help me with the connecting problem

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  • Help me with the connecting problem

    Guys 'n' Gals,

    A month or so ago I tried to plug my flash disk into my PC (XP SP2) to download some photos. The Usb pen said it was being charged but the PC seems to have no inkling that it's connected. I can't force it to pick it up when it can't see anything there at all. I've not been able to connect it to the PC since.

    Can anyone suggest what might (not) be happening?

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    Re: Help me with the connecting problem

    USB disks don't generally charge, the light is to imply it is connected. If you see that then one guess would be that you have mapped drives setup. Can you see anything in disk management?

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      Re: Help me with the connecting problem

      What is make, type, of USB pen


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        Re: Help me with the connecting problem

        Plug the usb device in and then change the drive letter for it in disk management.
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