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remove porfile from synchronize

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  • remove porfile from synchronize

    I am running windows XP, and server 2003 I have users desktops and documents redirected to the server and synced to offline files.

    My issue is when ever a user logs onto a machine they are forever part of the sync. I have tried deleting their profile (C:\Documents and Settings) and using delprof to remove their profile and files (the do get removed) but next time that computer is logged into by anyone it syncs all profiles that have ever logged onto that computer.

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    Re: remove porfile from synchronize

    There is a hotfix for XP SP2 that allows this to be done.

    Read the entire article for details.


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      Re: remove profile from synchronize

      OK sorry to bring back the dead but I thought this was IMPORTANT.

      I didn't find the perfect solution but this one removes all profiles and all synchronize pointers (for when you switch servers or directories for Folder redirection)

      reinitialize offline folders by holding Shift+Ctrl and clicking by mouse on the "Delete files" on Offline files tab in Options of Windows Explorer.

      It's in some KB but I can't find it right now.