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Win XP VPN client auto connects

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  • Win XP VPN client auto connects

    Hello all.
    I have an XP machine with the Windows VPN client configured and it works great!
    Only problem is that the user can NOT disconnect without the client reconnecting automatically. I had her modify most of the connection settings.
    We've deleted the connection and recreated it.
    NOTE: she's a remote user so I haven't had a chance to work on this machine first hand so I am not able view to all the details.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Win XP VPN client auto connects

    Is the Redial if dropped option checked on the Options tab of the connection?

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      Re: Win XP VPN client auto connects

      This doesn't solve the current problem, but if you must make a work-around you could try creating a connectiod via the CMAK and manually set it to not autoconnect. In theory, that should work... but in theory what you're currently doing should work as well.
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        Re: Win XP VPN client auto connects

        redial is not checked. I have been through every settings I can imagine. No other client in the office has this issue.
        It's weird, because every search result I find is people trying to have her problem, not stop it. The only way to restart the machine and not connect the VPN. Once connected it ALWAYS tries to reconnect.