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  • Sync Offline Files


    I wish to implement Offline Files in my organization. The issue is that must of my users are Hibernating their laptops when they leave instead of Logoff/Shutdown so the Sync never appends. (I've configured to sync the laptops when their are idle more then 30 min. but it's not enough).

    Can i sync file using a Batch file / Script ? so i can place it on their desktops to execute it before they leave. (It's more simple then opening "My Computer" and initiate a manual sync on the mapped drive.

    I couldn't find anywhere on the web a simple script for that issue.

    Thank you

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    Re: Sync Offline Files

    I would use group policy to prevent the use of hibernate so people log on and off properly. Not only will hibernate cause offline file sync problems but other process's that are supposed to occur during log on won't be happening i.e. mapped drives, login scripts, time sync etc.

    Otherwise this looks like what you're after


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      Re: Sync Offline Files

      what I did for my laptop users was to implement a robocopy sync script (later switched to synctoy)

      the script would run during lunch, and upon logoff. hybernation was restricted of course, and the users had the access to run the script themselves - after all they were most interested in keeping their data intact
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