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MDE Access database Open Error

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  • MDE Access database Open Error

    HI All,

    I got one application with .MDE Access 97 database and this is working fine with local administrator previlage but i got lots of casuals working on this computer need to run this. but they got the error open this MDE file.

    Without add to local admin can we run this app?
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    Re: MDE Access database Open Error

    It sounds like the application needs access to resources which have the wrong permissions on them, OR the users have not installed the MS Access Runtime components within their own login. Certainly, there is no facility within Access to restrict the use of an MDB or MDE to users in the Administrators group. Have you checked rights on the shortcut they use? Rights to the folder with the MDE file in it? Rights to read the folder with the Access Runtime installed in it? Rights to the TEMP folder being used by the application?

    You may need to use PROCMON to monitor what the process does when it runs; both as admin and as user; to see what it's trying to do when it fails. PROCMON is a Microsoft tool downloadable from their site.

    Also, is it possible that this file was created for use by one user at a time? Access Databases have to be TOLD to be multi-user... and record locking has to be correctly set up.

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