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XP Pro in a loop after Remote Install

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  • XP Pro in a loop after Remote Install

    Created an XP Pro image with SP3 and various applications and uploaded to the RIS server.

    Pulled the image down onto another identical workstation and although the workstation accepted the image it is stuck in a loop on startup. It gets as far as the XP splash screen which shows for about 2 seconds, then reboots.

    I then sent the RIS image to another workstation and got exactly the same result.

    The machines are all HP DC7100 SFF's with Broadcom network adapters.

    I also had the same problem on a test lab using Dell Dimension PC's with Intel network adapters and only MS Office installed on top of XP SP3.

    What is the most likely thing causing the loop problem?

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    Re: XP Pro in a loop after Remote Install

    Discovered the cause of the problem - SP3.

    Removed SP3 and sent the image to the server again with SP2. Have just successfully imaged 2 computers.


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      Re: XP Pro in a loop after Remote Install

      Was SP3 installed over the top of an SP2 installation? Have seen problems with this but have been resolved by Slipstreaming SP3 into the install CD, installing O/S and then creating an image.

      Looping is probably caused by a driver problem. Video or IDE/SATA Controller.
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