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Authenticating over slow link

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  • Authenticating over slow link

    I am trying to find out how long XP will wait when trying to contact a domain controller before using cached logon credentials. In an attempt to be more secure, we have changed the "Number of previous logons to cache" from the default of 10 to a lower number. The users occasionally share laptops and when they travel to corporate satellite offices the primary user is denied logon because the domain controller cannot be contacted. These satellite offices are connected to the same domain but I am thinking that because the authentication requests needs to travel over a slow link, it is timing out and going to cache logon credentials. Since more than the maximum users are logging on, the first (primary) user is no longer able to long on because the number of cache logon's has been exceeded.

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    Re: Authenticating over slow link

    I don't think I have EVER been on a link so slow that a domain controller cannot be contacted in time... what speed is the average link to these sites? What is the range of speeds in use?

    Why don't these corporate satellite offices either have domain controllers and a site of their own, or at least access to one more local (network wise) than the central site?

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