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win2kPro setup does not work

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  • win2kPro setup does not work

    Hi, I am new here and have a question about installing win2k Pro. I have a 3 GB HDD, formatted in C:\ with 1 GB as the active primary partition and D:\ with 2 GB as an extended partition. Both in FAT 32. On c:\ win98 is installed. It is a Compaq Presario 1245 laptop.
    When I boot from the CD-ROM with win2k in it copies all the setup files and comes to halt, when the setup screen appears. It will not continue.
    I did run win2k on this hard disk before with no problems. But I had to repartition and reformat the disk and than reinstalled win98 with still unresolved problems. win98 did not recognize the hardware correctly and installed for example not the right graphic driver. And the connection to the internet over a PC card (3ComEtherLinkIII 3C589D-TP) does not work.
    So my questions are:
    1. How can I tell the setup program that I( want the installation on D:\?
    2. Do I have to make d:\ the active partition in order to properly install win2k?

    I appreciate any input Thanks Hardi2000