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    I am a bit confused here with what systems are showing up in Windows Network Neighborhood. We have 3 plants connected by an MPLS Cloud. Plant 1 is the main office and Plants 2 & 3 are branch offices. I have noticed that systems from Plant1 (the plant I am in) and Plant2 show up in Network Neighborhood while system from Plant 3 do not. The routers are configured the same between all 3 sites. Plant1 has a WINS, and DNS Servers, while Plants 2 and 3 do not have either, they use the one in Plant 1. The networks in those plants are very small about 15 system each. All computers from all 3 sites are registered with WINS and DNS, and belong to our AD. The way I understand it Network Neighborhood is a WINS/NetBios system and since there is a router between the sites the WINs should be what is picking up the computers. Why are systems in Plant 3 not showing up. Any advice or troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Network Neighborhood

    Have you checked to see if the computers in plant 3 are registered in WINS? In not check the event log and node type of those computers.

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      Re: Network Neighborhood

      Please check that in plant 3 computers, NetBios over tcp is enabled on computer. For browsing computer via network neighborhood, the computers must be running netbios over tcp. If this option is disabled you can not view computers from network neighborhood. To check it
      Selet network adapter then Properties
      Select tcp/ip properties. In the WINS tab you will find option to enable or disable netbios


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        Re: Network Neighborhood

        Well Oddly enough the systems have once again started showing up in Network Places. All I can come up with is that all the systems, servers and switched in Plant 3 were rebooted last night do to a power failure. Now this AM all are showing back up in My Network Places. I have been looking over logs and checking the configs on the routers and switches to make sure nothing was damaged or changed. If I find anymore info I will post it, thanks for all your suggestions.