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  • Record file access

    Hi folks

    I would like to find some software that will allow a user to see which files they opened during the last 7 days.

    One of our staff has to complete a timesheet at the the start of each week detailing the tasks for the previous week. This staff member suffered a serious head trauma several years ago which has affected memory retension. They always struggles to remember what they were doing during the previous week. This leads to a stressful monday morning for them!

    As this person's work is entirely PC based, I was wondering if anyone knows of software which will record file access. Ideally, I would like to be able to set it up so that it only monitors access based on a file mask e.g. *.indd, *.doc, *.xls

    Does anyone have any experience of this? Searching for this produces oodles of system monitoring software, which I do not want.

    Any suggestions will be gratefully received.


    I had forgotten all about the username\recent folder. That is sufficient for my needs.
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    Re: Record file access

    Probably not needed since you have something that suits your needs but, on a practical note, why note just record what you do as you do it?

    I would have trouble remembering what I did last week and I haven't had any head trauma injuries. (that I know of ) For my job I need to record what I do in my co time system software so I keep a notebook with me at all times and write down everything I do.

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      Re: Record file access

      If you use Outlook, you can turn on the Journalling feature for some or all MS Office files -- it will record the dates / times each file was worked on
      Although it will not record all file types, there are hints you can add your own e.g.
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        Re: Record file access

        Thanks to both of you for your replies.

        The person concerned does work that is quite intense. Coupled with the fact that they may work on up to 15 projects in one week, it is no wonder they forget to record what they are doing.

        The 'recent' folder contains enough information to allow them to complete their timesheet in a matter of minutes. Previously, they spent half the morning trying to remember what they were working on, which caused unneccessary stress.
        A recent poll suggests that 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not happy