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where is the PID burined in a winXPpro ?

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  • where is the PID burined in a winXPpro ?

    salute peers,

    strange issue:
    i'm a small corps new IT guy. My precedessor screwed a laptop up by installing a pirated winXPpro on it with a now blacklisted serial (cant install SP2)
    funny thing is that the laptop actually HAS a VALID licence for winXPpro (see holographic sticker at the bottom).

    i used the magic jelly-bean serial finder tool (nice program btw!), to compare the serials, which was the pirated one. i did MS' workaround of using the MOOBE exec to chance the serial - with the result that the VALID serial is rejected as INVALID.

    I DO know that in the PSSETUP.INI file is determined what kind of licence type it is (DRM, retail, volume,OEM etc.)

    I ofught already with DELL (its a DELL Inspiron) but all they say is "sorry you're screwed, wipe-n-reinstall windows"

    unfortunately this is a bad idea, since the laptop is always underway with the corp's VP

    my idea is now, to dig out the PID (perhaps in the registry?) out of the OS and change it to the version/kind the original CD's serial is of (OEM most likely) and then re-try to enter it in MS' OOBE exec to change the install.

    any ideas where and how?

    mostly appreciated


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    Have a look under the Options menu in Jellybean. Does that not work?
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      hi biggles, thx for the quick reply...

      unfortunately not, the jelly bean/keyfinder uses the MS-script to change the serial which is based on MS support KB article 328874

      it changes only the serial itself, but not the ProductID (PID) that you can find in the PSSETUP.INI (i386 sub-dir) off the install-disc.

      The PID defines what TYPE of licence that OS is. that PID is SOMEWHERE buried within the OS - i'm looking for a "nudge/pointer" where to find it and how to change it, so that the OOBE exec allows me to switch from the pirated version/serial to the OEM/legit version/serial as they're binary the same.

      But the different PID thats 'incorporated' within the serial's algorithm are different, so the OOBE exec denies the valid serial, since its based on an OEM licence PID and no a DRM/volume licence PID.

      i know WHAT PID's i've to use (its a DELL laptop, so its a OEM PID) , just have to find the WHERE and HOW within the installed OS itself.

      know what i mean ?



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        Why not do install over the top putting the correct key in??
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          that'd take too long as the laptop is always underway or in use..beside that it'd re-set the OS-files to its original status back and will conflict with (a lot of them) after-installed software that made changes to the OS itself.

          thats why i was asking for the PID change, which is faster (prolly just a reg-edit) and dosent make any changes to the OS itself

          but thx for the tip