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  • administrative shares problem


    I setup 2 WinXP with SP2 (no firewall) and part of the same domain. My domain administrator account is the member of both WinXP local administrator account. And then I turn on the Administrative Shares (C$ and ADMIN$) on both XP machines. When I connect to one of the C$, I can get there and see all the folders but I can't create or delete any folders. If I create some custom share name, and give domain admins full share rights then I can create or delete stuff from that share. Any ideas ?

    PS: In SP1, I don't have this issue but I don't want to revert back to SP1.

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    Re: administrative shares problem

    hi members!need help over here...
    i'm using winXPpro_sp2 on my machines,the thing is after sharing the my documents folder on a limited account,it could not be accessed through the network,but if the my documents folder of an comp admin account is shared,i ahve no problem accessing it,can u give me an advice regarding this one?
    all are using one workgroup no problems with internet & some protocols,just the sharing of files regarding the limited account...

    thanks so much!