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  • Log in issues

    Have a strange issue with one machine on a large network.

    Machine is XP Pro SP 2
    Server is Windows 2k.

    When attempting to log in as admin, it works like a champ. Takes no time at all.

    When you attempt to log in as a user it can take up to 15 minutes. Some times it goes instantly.

    Attached are a couple pics of the event view after it took about 7 minutes to log in.

    We've switched out cables, switches, even computers and it's just this one. I've also base lined the computer and it started doing it again.

    Have other xp machines on the network that do not have any issues.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Last edited by Jeff Cornick; 4th August 2008, 21:02.

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    Re: Log in issues

    I got it, never mind.


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      Re: Log in issues

      Check you machines have the correct DNS servers (should be your local ones), check they can ping the DCs by name. You may have to take the machine off the domain and re-add it too.

      EDIT: Doh, too late! Jeff, can you post the fix too please for others to see.

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        Re: Log in issues

        Originally posted by Jeff Cornick View Post
        I got it, never mind.
        Glad you found it.. Sadly enough you don't think about others and share the information.
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