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    I've installed SP3 on different workstations but they all got the same problem .

    When the workstations logon to the DC, it takes much more time then before.

    Is there somebody who knows why this is happening?
    When the workstations logoff and logon again, then the speed is good .

    Any information is welcome, thx!

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    Re: Xp Sp3

    Do you mean that the FIRST logon after SP3 was installed is slow, then every one after that is fast? Or is it the first logon each time the PC's turned on after SP3 was installed?
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      Re: Xp Sp3

      No, I mean that every morning when clients logon to the DC is slow.
      When they logoff and logon again without restarting there workstation, the logon is fast. Thx for replying.


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        Re: Xp Sp3

        Am I the only one thats having this problem after installing SP3 on WindowsXP!!!!! Any kind of information that could solve this problem would be great. Thx in advance.
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          Re: Xp Sp3

          I have about 30 XP Pro clients in our domain (single domain, single site).

          After installing SP3 when it was released the first reboot took longer (as exepected), but since then everything have been fine. All logons are 'normal' and do not take longer than they used to.

          Sounds like something specific to your setup may be causing the initial delay.
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            Re: Xp Sp3

            Firewall re-enabled maybe?
            AV not working properly with the update?
            Check DNS is corrrect (I realise it was working before)
            Group Policy changes maybe, does it happen to a new machine without GPOs applied?
            BootVis - does it show anything in particular?

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              Re: Xp Sp3

              I would also suggest a defrag, as a standard procedure we do a defrag after any major update as it helps with a lot of these types of issues. Service Pack installs move and delete a lot of files.
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