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I just installed xp pro and now....

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  • I just installed xp pro and now....

    Hey all,i had a system crash on my dell inspiron 9300 and I installed xp pro on It and grabbed all the drivers from dell for my 9300 and I got online with it for a couple of hours and it was working good on a couple of different wireless spots. I did a restart of the system and when it loaded it wouldn't connect back up to the net. This is whats said to me as the nag from my Intel proset/wireless Head reads Did not receive IP address and the message followed with, "The wireless adapter failed to get a valid IP address. This can be due to an authentication failure with the network, incorrect wireless security password(encryption), or because of a DHCP server malfuction." I have tried to set all the setting the same as my tower which is wireless to but this didnt seem to help. It is wep and I have the setting set at network authentication Open and data encription disabled, I used the manual Diagnostics tool and it passed all tests but the ping test and it says No response: DHCP serve. I have been reading all kinds of things all over the net and have tried many things to remedy this and nothing worked so if someone here can help this caveman resolve my problems it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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    Re: I just installed xp pro and now....

    After a lengthy trouble shooting process in another forum here is what I did. I reinstalled widow xp pro and I reinstalled the dell drivers and here I am back on line with out a hitch, I am updating widows on line with it right now. So I guess the answer to this problem is to reinstall windows and reinstall all the drivers. After backing up all your data you want to save. Ninj