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hangs during boot, XP

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  • hangs during boot, XP

    well i've been having this problem ever since we've changed to a windows 2003 and new workstation. what happens is right after a user logs into the Domain the workstation will hang and just show a blank desktop. after 4 or 5 tries(rebooting) the user will be able to log in. now this doesn't happen every morning. only some days it does.
    i have this happening in three different sites. the workstations have Norton Corp. on them and i'm using a very simple kix script which i've used for years. that's is about it. no roaming profiles, nothing fancy.
    any experience with this issue?


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    Re: hangs during boot, XP

    Originally posted by swixtt View Post
    since we've changed to a windows 2003 and new workstation.
    Changed from what? I take it this a W2K3 DC? How does the "new workstation" bit fit in? Login was fine "before"?


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      Re: hangs during boot, XP

      2000 DC was in there before...
      but i now think the problem is Symantec Corp... 10.1.5

      i believe the other problem i was having was when users logged into the domain it would create a new profile!!
      i found in the release notes ...
      While logging on the computer, a new user profile is created
      Fix ID: 994915
      Symptom: When logging on to a computer, a user profile may appear to be locked, so the system creates a new user profile for the user.
      Solution: Eliminated an unnecessary delay during the logon process to alleviate some of the load on the thread that processes logging on and off.

      i am going to migrate the server to a newer version and see if that helps.


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        Re: hangs during boot, XP

        Can you uninstall Norton for testing purposes and see the progress?