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Xpsp2 limition with ip vs dhcp dns

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  • Xpsp2 limition with ip vs dhcp dns


    i have router edimax 6104k and since i moved to a new isp that uses dynamic ip (direct connect) insted of dialler (l2tp) i had a problem with my ip config

    i configed my router not to be dhcp so i will be able to use Port Forward function

    so my question is:

    how can can put and static ip in my network but leave the dns to be automatcally

    i setup my ip to be 192.168.100.X and i must write the dns too
    becasue as soon as "use the following ip" "the obtain dns automatclly" become grey
    (if i leave it empty it doesnt get any dns at all ( i have checked ipconfig/all)

    is there any way to make it static ip and dns will be recieved from router?

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    Re: Xpsp2 limition with ip vs dhcp dns

    I don't think there are any devices that will allow this. DNS servers rarely changed by ISP's anyway, why are you wanting this feature?
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      Re: Xpsp2 limition with ip vs dhcp dns

      If you have turned off DHCP on your router and configured your workstation to have a static IP address, you will need to specify the router's IP address as the DNS server and the default gateway.

      I have done the same on my router and it works fine. I have two workstations with static IP addresses both connected to my router.

      Go through the router's configuration carefully and make sure that the IP address you want to assign to your PC is not already assigned to e.g. a print server.

      Good luck
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        Re: Xpsp2 limition with ip vs dhcp dns

        set your PC's DNS ip addresses to the same as the DNS ip addresses on your router and it will work
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