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XP SP3 no USB 2.0 available

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  • XP SP3 no USB 2.0 available

    I used a standard OEM XP sp2 cd and slipstreamed sp3 on to it. I have rebuilt a couple or workstations with it and noticed a problem where when I plug in my USB thumb drive it will say that I am not plugged in to a Hi-speed usb port try another to work at a faster speed.

    On one workstation I would say yeah whatever and try and fix it...but it seems to be happening when ever I use this slipstreamed cd. I searched the microsoft technet forum and there has been a few people asking about it and I tried there recommendations nothing worked so far.

    Has anybody run across this? any suggestions on fixing the problem?


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    Re: XP SP3 no USB 2.0 available

    Is it happening on a particular model of motherboard or is it a random event? Personally I have not encountered this problem on the Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI (and one more that I can't think of right now).
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      Re: XP SP3 no USB 2.0 available

      This message usually appears whenever an USB 2.0 device is plugged into a lower-version USB socket. It is highly unlikely to be SP3 related...
      Are you sure it did not happen before (before SP3 was installed)? On the same computers, with the same USB device?

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        Re: XP SP3 no USB 2.0 available

        remove device from device manager
        run from CMD prompt
        set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1
        start devmgr.msc
        Show hidden devices...and remove hidden USB devices
        afterwhich you can "scan for hardware changes"