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  • Xp Sp3

    after installing XP XP3 i have observed these changes

    1. in the msconfig a new tab is created called TOOLS with the LAUNCH option
    2. in the (computer management) mycomputer - (right click) manage - event viewer - all the application, system and security logs are showing error like "unable to complete the operation interface is unknown"

    How to revert the changes in the event veiwer, i want to see the logs available in the event veiwer. is there any fix available for this

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    Re: Xp Sp3

    Are you using a standalone, Peer to Peer or Domain based machine? XP Home or XP Pro? (Not such a daft question as one may initially think as there are apps that allow XP Home on a Domain).
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      Re: Xp Sp3

      check services event viewer service startup should be automatic
      and should be running now


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        Re: Xp Sp3

        Aside from Gökşen's suggestion

        google also seems to imply the files may be corrupt as well. You could try removing the evt files possibly by booting another OS from CD

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          Re: Xp Sp3

          thanks for all the reply

          its a stanalone XP SP2 machine

          i have checked the service it was stopped, that was the reason for the error, after starting the service it was working fine