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vsdatant in Device Manager

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  • vsdatant in Device Manager

    I'm running Windows XP and had a problem with Cisco VPN client software - when it went into the step "Negotiating Security Policies" the connection would break down and it would just hang indefinitely, the only solution was to unplug the network cable, not even killing the process in Task Manager was possible.
    I searched for solution and found in an old post on the net that disabling vsdatant in the Device Manager (hidden device) could help. I did as suggested and it did help - after that vpn client worked as a charm. Now I'm just wondering what did I do - what is that vsdatant and how disabling it helped?
    I searched for it on the net, but didn't find any explanation, on a few places it was mentioned in connection with Zone Alarm firewall I think, but I never had ZA installed. Any thoughts? Thanks~

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    Re: vsdatant in Device Manager

    create a system enviroment variable named DEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICES
    and value 1

    in enviroment variables setup

    then restart computer

    now in device manager show hidden devices from view menu and find that driver it is probably in
    non plug and play devices list and startup type set it disabled


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      Re: vsdatant in Device Manager

      Thanks, I'll try that.