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Regional Options Date Format keeps changing

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  • Regional Options Date Format keeps changing

    I have some scripts running on an XP machine (all service packs up to date) that are date format sensitive. For some reason, every week or so (random times) the short date format in Regional Options will change from M/d/yyyy to MM/DD/YYYY.

    I'm assuming it's getting some random server update to force this format, but we don't have any GPOs enforcing any time or date policies. Any idea what could be causing this?

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    Re: Regional Options Date Format keeps changing

    For claification purposes, Workgroup or Domain setup?
    Is this happening on the same scripts?
    What language are the scripts written in, eg, VB, Kixs, DOS Batch etc? Is there a set date command in the script?
    Is the client machine run under Administrator, Power User, User or other privileges?
    Is this happening with the same user logged on to the same machine (you sort of indicate it is specific to the one machine)?
    If different users, has the Default user account settings option been applied to the "........default user profile"? (Advanced tab, Regional and Language Options in the Control Panel)
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      Re: Regional Options Date Format keeps changing

      Sorry about the delay on the response. I was checking to see if the Default User Account settings were at fault. Looks like the issue is still occuring.

      It's on a domain setup and it affects a timestamped batch file log that's used to trigger a daily script and create a log file. It happens fairly randomly. The script runs daily, but the short date changes back sometimes every few weeks, sometimes every week, sometimes every day (the machine is rarely rebooted or logged on/off). It's actually occuring only on one of my machines, using a domain administrator account with full privileges.

      I tried moving it to an OU without any GPO applied as well as setting the default user account settings w/o luck.