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XP Repair Install Hangs at 25 Minutes remaining

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  • XP Repair Install Hangs at 25 Minutes remaining

    I have been trying to do a repair install. Everything seems to go ok until I reach the point where it says 25 minutes remaining. It then just hangs. Any ideas? Suggestions? This is a Dell GX 260.

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    Re: XP Repair Install Hangs at 25 Minutes remaining

    It helps if we know what "phase" of the repair you are in when this happens -- you'll see some informational text on the screen from time to time.

    Had similar experiences on other machines. I found if I unplugged every unnecessary peripheral and even disconnected all but the C: drive, I was able to make it through. I was upgrading HW and trying to keep all that software configuration effort in tact.

    Here's one of my favorite sites on Repair Install:


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