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Odd.. Recycler showing local trash on shared drive

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  • Odd.. Recycler showing local trash on shared drive

    Every once in a while I have a recycler folder created magically on the shared data drive on the server. I don't know why this is happening. When I look from my PC (local) then I see my files but when another person looks from theirs they see their files. The other IT guy said he saw his files AND someone else's files a week ago. He deleted the recycler folder on the shared drive before I could investigate far enough to see if he was seeing mixed files this time (his and other users). After he deleted it I looked and still have all of my files in my recycle bin just as before. Surely someone has run into this issue.

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    If the shared data drive is shared from the root of the partition/drive. Then this is actually normal Microsoft Windows Behavior. Windows automatically shows a recycle folder in it. The content visible should be specifc to the client computer, I mean if you see it from your pc, your recycle bin is shown, if from another pc, that pcs recycle bin. Right click on that recycled folder in the shared drive go to properties, you should see your own system drives/partitions listed there.