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Strange Problem with SUS

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  • Strange Problem with SUS

    I have installed SUS,default installation, no problems at all.. except one.

    When the clients recieve the updates, the installation box pops up saying "automatic updates have installed the updates, do you want to restart yes or no"

    it only gives the option to click "yes". the "no" is greyed out.
    this is obviously a problem because the users click "yes" and then loses there work when the computer reboots. They aint smart enough to just drag it off screen.

    This surely isnt the default behaviour?. Note: i've configured the GPO correctly, to option 4, install and schedule..

    how come "no" gets greyed out on the client? Any ideas? Many thanks.
    UK Newbie!

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    Set your installs to happen at night and get your staff to leave the PC's on. This will also save stressing the components switching them on and off and heating up and cooling down.

    Admins have the right to say no but normal users don't. I think WUS addresses this problem. Its at Beta2 atm.
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