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Remote application working slow.

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  • Remote application working slow.

    Hi All,

    We have machines around 8 windows xp sp2+patches in remote location and they are accessing application (frnt end in VB and datbase as sql+windows 2003 with sp1+patches) at head office over the 2 MBPS wan link .

    users are complaining that application or acccess is working very slow and they have to wait for a min for a single entry, we have check the network utilization and virus thread on server and client machine which seems to be OK and also inform SQL DBA to check the database performace and thats OK 2.

    I need to know how I can tweak the Windows XP to improve machine/windows xp performace for network as well as for machine.

    I know there must be a way to improve windows xp performace for network + application.

    forget to update that we have DC+Exchage+DNS for that location and which is up & running fine.

    I need solution to improve windows xp network+machine performance..


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    Re: Remote application working slow.

    Are any users in the head office accessing the terminal server?

    If so, are those users experiencing the issue?

    If not, try to access the terminal server from the head office to see if the problem is persistant.
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      Re: Remote application working slow.


      Thanks for reply,

      Within LAN using terminal and UNC its working fine, the problem with WAN users only, is there a way to improve/tweak network performance on windows xp.

      Remote users have local exchange & file server, which is working fine.