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how disable homepage in xp

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  • how disable homepage in xp

    dear all,

    i made search on google, can not find exact info, actually i want to disable homepage change in IE in windows XP for normal user, how? User can not change homepage?
    I have hide this tab via gpedit.msc, but user can change homepage still.

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    Re: how disable homepage in xp

    Is this a local pc or joined to domain ?

    Gpedit , if you use the right options it should hide it, of course your user should not have any admin rights

    or you can even use some 3th party programs to do so


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      Re: how disable homepage in xp

      this is local machine, and i had applied local GPO to hide general tab in IE, but it does not restrict user to change home page, i want that normal user can not change homepage by any means.
      if 3rd party tool available, please tell me abt tht.


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        Re: how disable homepage in xp

        Found this, maybe you could restrict the permissions on the key to read only for the user in question after you changed it?
        Setting the Internet Explorer Home Page
        Submitted 9/4/01
        If you want to set the home page used by Internet Explorer through the registry
        1. Start Regedit
        2. Go to HKey_Current_User \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main
        3. Give the Start Page key the string value you wish set as homepage
        Submitted by Austin Henderson

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