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Always run app as admin in XP Pro?

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  • Always run app as admin in XP Pro?

    Hello I have just set up my office so all the computers have limited accounts. (Win XP Pro) Now we have some programs that need Admin rights to run I don't know why but theres no way around it. The people in the office need to run these apps when I'm not here. So I was hopping to find a way to always run the programs with admin rights, With out giving them the admin passwords. Does anyone know of anyway to do this? Think you.

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    Re: Always run app as admin in XP Pro?

    I think this is the kind of thing you were asking - if not, my apologies.

    Also, you might take a look at


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      Re: Always run app as admin in XP Pro?

      You may want to look at Runasspc.
      This topic was covered in the past both in this and Scripting forums. Actually, the idea above was taken from this thread.
      Another thread i suggest to take a look at is this one. It contains some great ideas from our Scripting guru, Rems.

      Good luck, dude!
      Don't forget to update the forum about the outcome.

      Sorin Solomon

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