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Extract from a slipstream

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  • Extract from a slipstream

    Iíve been using nLite to slipstream my XP Pro. Iíve inserted drivers, tweaked setting and set it up for an unattended install. I also inserted SP3. Which brings me to my question, I no longer want SP3 and in its place I want SP2. Is there any way to extract SP3 from a slipstream and insert SP2 in its place? I would think if you can insert, you should be able to extract! Sound logical to me. Anyone out there know of software that will accomplish this?

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    Re: Extract from a slipstream

    I do not believe slipstreamed media has any rollback info embedded in it.

    If it does offer rollback, you'll see that option in "Add or Remove Programs" after installing the slipstreamed OS.


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      Re: Extract from a slipstream

      Got to agree with Rick. There is no rollback. The only way you can fix it is to Slipstream SP2 onto a pre SP2 XP CD and install it from there.

      What sort of problems are you having to want to revert back to SP2?
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