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  • Profile issue

    The problem I'm having is that when logged in as UserA (for illustration), I can't delete files that were created by the UserB login. I have had to switch back to the UserB login to get around this.

    I'm not even certain if this is possible as I would think that the O/S would not want to give users the right to delete files under another's profile but are there any thoughts on this? I'm leaning towards a right's issue but I'm not sure....

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Profile issue

    It sounds to me that it's a file permissions issue.

    Are you on a domain? What OS are you running? Win XP Pro?

    I'm not sure exactly if you are not on a domain but there will probably be something similar.

    If you select the properties of the file/folder and select the security tab you should see all the read/write permissions.
    (You might need Administrator rights)

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      Re: Profile issue

      If UserA can create files then UserA can also set permissions on them. You should change the permissions on the folder that contains the files and give UserB the modify permission. UserB should then be able to delete anything that UserA creates in that folder.

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