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  • computer description in network places

    In Active Directory Environment,
    Is there any way that Windows 2000 computers are listed with their description in the Network Places?

    I mean machines are listed only with their name, even if the machine is commented in properties in AD Users and Computers, win2k computers cannot show those comments in Nework Places.

    Windows XP clients can show the comment and other infos without any problem.

    The things is the client win2k machines were named as client1, client 2, ... and so on. The users find it difficult to know which pc is which/where when looking through Network Places.

    Another question as well,
    The network works all right, no problem but sometimes the computers are not listed in Network Places. If you searach for computers they are shown, you can access them form there, you can access them directly also( eg //pcname/share).

    Its probably the browse list issue and master browser problem but I don't know how to handle it. Its mostly Win2K AD/domain environment but there are a few Windows 98 and Windows XP machines as well. From what I've heard XP takes precendence and acts as the master browser. In my scenario, one XP machine is not genuinely joined to the domain, I mean, its connected to the same network, uses the DHCP but its not formally joined to the domain. Is that XP machine causing the problem?

    Other infos about my network:
    Single domain, one domain controller(Win2k Advanced Server), 20 Win2k clients joined to the domain, 2 Win98 clients, 2 XP clients, 1 Win2k Advenced Server client( just connected to the same network and uses the DHCP server).

    The DNS Server, DHCP server, is the domian controller itself. And Routing and Remote access is enabled in it to allow internet sharing with the clients.

    I got confused where to start the thread(maybe AD) so I started here. Plzz correct me or move the thread.

    Any suggestion, comment is apreciated.

    Thanks in advance.