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XP pro Restored from repair folder but lost SP & restor points

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  • XP pro Restored from repair folder but lost SP & restor points

    Hi All it's been a while (all work and no play atm)

    I have a problem on one of my XP pro machines at home.
    Spec: XP Pro SP2 and fully pached

    I have two power cuts within 40 mins last weekend but only for a second so the machine started to reboot almost at once. (Note to self UPS!)
    The first time all was ok ut the second time I got the C:\Windows\system32\config\system missing or corrupted error. After I tried to reboot

    I checked several options out and recovered the "system", "default", "software" and "security" files from the "repair" folder and finally got the OS to boot up.
    The files where all dated 18/05 the date of the crash/power out was 25/05

    The problem I now have is that XP has lost restor points I created on 25th it also now says I do not have SP2 installed, it says AVG pro is no longer licensed and it can't find the driver for my Nvidia card, did I do something wrong or does anyone have a solution for this to bring it back the way it was.
    Or is it just a case of reinstalling SP2 -3 and reinstalling drivers etc?

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    Re: XP pro Restored from repair folder but lost SP & restor points

    Boot into Windows, insert XP CD with SP2 or SP3 slipstreamed and choose the Upgrade option. Once finished installing, reinstall the problem apps. That was my solution to a similar problem (I have UPSes on everything but had similar app problems where they asked for key to be reinstalled but key was rejected) and it saved me lots of time trying to find the actual root cause. Freak fault that I thought not worth trying to find the solution for.
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      Re: XP pro Restored from repair folder but lost SP & restor points

      repair folder registry backups convert your system first launch of windows so all program settings lost all restore points lost etc.
      you will do
      first show hidden and super hidden folders
      second take ownership of system restore folder and set full previliege to user "C:\systemvolumeinformation" folder
      enter that folder you will see restore points now enter RP<Biggestnumber> folder
      you will see snaphot folder it includes registry files copy them C:\
      rename most important files properly
      then change registryfiles with these files by using recovery console

      C: is the drive which is windows installed

      sorry for bad english