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Please Help..deleted user logon name in win2000pro

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  • Please Help..deleted user logon name in win2000pro

    See i would have never done it cause i wouldn't no how but when i was on a chat support with compaq.. and i was asking how do i change the logon name since the computer i was using was not bought from a store. it was a friends/friends old comp.but anyway so finally the operator is explaining to me how to delete his old after i did everything he told me to do.i decided to reboot and put in my name what a surprise! didnt happen what happen was i now sitting here for like 4 hrs trying to get my computer to start up but it is not. so here i am on my old computer with no windows disks.or there anything i can do.or do i gotta buy a new windows..95.98.or what Please someone Help Me...thanks for your time if u had read my painful letter.

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    win2000 tip

    do you have the adminstrators password,without the disks its real tough tochange things,you could search using google for password removal tools,its only a suggestion...good luck....


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      Hi realsmart1,

      We need more info to troubleshoot this.

      Are there any errors messages ?
      How far does the boot up get ? Can you enter a username and password ?
      What verion of Windows are you running (with SP) ?

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        Sounds like your using Windows 95/98? The 9x range doesnt have too much security.. you can usually press cancel and it will log you into windows anyways. If that doesnt work, i would look for some 'hacking' tools on the net. 9x is nowhere near as secure as nt/2k so you should be able to get in quite easily.

        If you are using Windows NT/2k/XP (XP PRO) you can use a tool to change the administrator's password.
        If you are using Windows XP Home, you can press f8 during the boot sequence and you can make the computer boot up in safe mode, which will show the administrator logon on the welcome screen from which you can add yourself a new account.