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xp logon screen gone, boots right into admin

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  • xp logon screen gone, boots right into admin


    I installed Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 with Media Suite and Corel Draw and when I go the update from Pinnacle it blew out the dll's for Studio, also blew out my xp Logon screen, and it boots straight into admin account, I like it to sit at the logon screen if I reboot and get up to go do something, I prefere to watch it logon, incase something stupid happens like this, ALSO, my system went from shutting down in 7 to 10 seconds to more than one minute and sometimes more than 3... Hitting the windows button+L it tells me my system is in use and has been locked and I need to log on as an administrator to unlock this computer, and has my admin name in the user name field, and applying the password it logs me back instantly (where I was to begin with).

    Note that fast user switching is turned on, and I have been all over the services to look for something obvious, I found offline file browsing was enabled so I disabled that and still no change. Another thing I noticed is my system instantly started running about 15 degrees hotter, and my cpu fan has since slowed down by 30 to 40 %, And several websites to log onto with this pc I just noticed gives me off to a logon expired screen and must re-logon, and logging on again continues to do the same thing, but my other pc running in Johnny Cash style,,,,,, dos3 upgraded to dos5 uped to win3 upped to win3.1 and dos 6 upped to dos 6.1 upped to win95, up to win98, up to winME, and cloned a few times to larger hd's but basicly if you been around long enough you know what its like and its rock solid, oh not to mention it started on an old tandy 10 mhz 286, up to 386 20 mhz, up to 486 60 mhz, up to 486x4x 100 mhz, up to p233, up to p350, up to current pII 750, tweaked every which way possible infected a thousand times or more in net wars I never joined LOL... but still keeps on tickin' and runnin' about 805 mhz, pushed a couple times to over 900 but ran to warm for my taste...

    anywho.... I had a major cancer surgery 2 years ago, spent a year away from pc's and then built this last year, it's been excellent and rock solid on temps and fast shut downs and fast logons, faster than any other pc I ever saw running xp pro, reboot hitting the logon screen button as soon as it appears it could do a toatl reboot in less than 25 seconds, so you can see haveing cancer and being even more concerned about time loss this thing is about meet up with a rem (ington carbine).....

    Ive checked lots of forums, run searches all over for the last 3 days and this site has come the closest to this xp locked problem with some sort of post but it wasn't quite the same, so no real help to me...

    No known spyware or trojans, no known viruses or worms, hd is new 240g cloned up from 60g, 512megs 400ddr ram, athlon 2800+ running at 2080mhz not over clocked, msi k7n2 delta board manufactued oct 2003, nvidia geforce fx 5200, fire wire card, msi dual dvd rw, it was the fastest speed out a year ago when I bought it.

    Got studio 9 so I could make music lesson dvd's with a few friends, all retired musicians, useing a couple mini dv cams, and now I feel like im running an old 286 because of how slow it feels and I can speed up the processing but cuttong out some running processes but that defeats what I want to do, and another good thing about teh logon screen is if the thing reboots itself when Im not watching Ill know when I get back to it.

    So first I want the logon screen back, and then the speed of rebooting, then the running smooth and steady.

    Any help from some one who has been through this would be appreciated, my son is an MS tech and is stumped and doing a bit of research to see if he can find out anything too.... him and I got started in programming many years ago, I actually started on keypunch as a kid on weekends, my son and I started writting one line routines, and on into small apps as mem and speed increased on pc's and then into multi app programs in 16k high end pc's LOL.... my son was in that fastest typist contest finals in Seattle a couple years ago, still no keyboard on the open market that can echo to screen as fast as he types..... I wear out my buttons in a couple months but he melts his off ;;;=====(~o) im left handed, i should use my keyboard upside down, maybe I would be faster than him LOL...,

    sorry about being so longwinded, just an old ex chat junkie.......

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    I'd do a system restore to take you back before the Pinnacle install


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      After my short period of patients I did do a full restore prior to pinnacle, which returned the logon screen, but then I found I had to dig through the registry too, and finaly after deleting about 10 or so entries it left behind I got my shut down and startup speeds back.

      I plan to try reloading it once more, before I go for a refund with a complaint a mile long.

      In the regs I found that it installed Real, and an SQL server, and some other garbage WITHOUT notice, and the final disc added Coral Draw, which I am not fond of, nor did I need it, or anything like it, and a bunch of junkware (share), just another form of trackingware.

      I think everyone agrees that if you buy a kangaroo, you don't want to get it home and find out it has a pouch full of scorpions after you brought it in the house.

      Another anal-ogy that fits this is like buying a new car, you leave the lot and get on a fast moveing busy freeway and find there is a giant hornets nest under the seat, and it's a cold rainy day so your windows are up all the way and you just hit a big bad bump......

      I need a good 45 so I can shoot the next junkware that trespasses on my pc.....


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        Well part if the problem has been found, it is VERY appearent that Pinnacle has produced a dramaticly terrible program. I have never seen so many user reports in such seriously negative terms on so many web sites in all my life. and its been a long one, and very long time online.

        I had a feeling I should have checked them out first, but in a hurry and already haveing version 8 installed and it kept telling I needed to upgrade for this feature and that, so I look at what the upgrades cost and the feathures they added, I was impressed with what they claimed was in them, why didn't I remember that old saying "If it's too good to be true, it must not be true!" So I'm going to go for a refund, and I will be very angry if I don't get it full, and Best Buy will be on my next list of put downs.......

        There are a lot of people saying to stay away from anything by Pinnacle, and now I'm going to look for warnings about Best Buy before I call them so I know what to expect and can plan ahead how to handle them....

        If anyone knows of any GOOD DV capture and editing programs please let me know....