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Hotfix for KB 330519 Needed

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  • Hotfix for KB 330519 Needed

    I have users logging onto Windows XP SP1 workstations.
    I configured their profiles to map network drives at logon.
    On Windows 2000 workstations it works fine, but on the
    Windows XP SP1 machines, the network drives are seen as "Disconnected"
    in My Computer, even though the users can access them quickly.

    I found an article at TechNet that discribes my problem, and states that this issue has been fixes on WXP SP2.
    The thing is that I can't upgrade these workstations to SP2, therefore I need the standalone hotfix.

    Does anyone has this hotfix (KB330519 )?

    Guy Rozendorn

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    Hi guy

    1. You really only to post the request once. Its a quite small message board so your message will be seen (sorry to sound like a prude but if i didn't mention it... someone else would!)

    2. As to the hotfix you need to give your local MS support / customer service dept a call and they will provide the fix Free of charge after about 20 mins on the phone - that is unless anyone else has got the patch but MS do ask that you dont redistribute it so if they did have it they would be violating the agreement by passing it onto you.

    Hope you get the problem sorted.
    Server 2000 MCP
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