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port forwarding in w2k

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  • port forwarding in w2k

    hello everyone, i have this problem:
    i have 2 computers connected to the internet.
    the server is w2k connected to a b-focus 270 (latest version firmware - firewall is disabled)
    it acts as a router; the w2k is connected with a ethernet card,
    the linux box is connected to another ethernet card on the w2k server
    somthing like this
    *win2k* ethernet 1 - connected to: b-focus (
    *win2k* ethernet 2 - connected to linux (
    *linux* ethernet 3 - connected to win2k (
    the ethernet 1 has connetion sharing to ethernet 2 witch is connected to the linux box (to ethernet 3)
    now.. linux acts as a server and has port 41447 opened
    i can connect to it from the local network but not from the outside...
    how do i make windows 2000 to forward the port into linux ??? (so i'd be able to connect from the outside to my linux box.
    thank you all! good day. :]

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    BTW... i've tried to go into
    my network places - local area connection 1 (ethernet 1 - connected to the modem) - share - advanced and opening the 41447 to be re-directed into still no go. when i'm trying to connect from the outside i get connection refused.