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Recovery of Folder and Files on XP Pro

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  • Recovery of Folder and Files on XP Pro

    Hello All,

    Hope someone can help - I've made a bit of an error thsi afternoon.

    I was attempting to copy a folder from the HD on my desktop with the intention of pasteing it into a new shared folder on our server - so that my laptop can connect when I'm not at my desk.

    Whilst I had highlighted the folder on my desktop's HD I selected cut as opposed to copy. When I got to teh new shared folder I selected paste. Error number 2 on my part was that 1 of the files was still open and thus couldn't be moved. I closed the file and selected OK - I assumed the copying process would continue - It didn't. I now have no folder on my desktop's HDD and only 3 of 50 files in teh new shared folder on the server.

    Anybody have any ideas on where, if anywhere the 'cut' folder will be residing? - I have checked the recycle bin and searched the HDD but no sign of any of the files

    Many Thanks for your help