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Where to find TAP.exe / TA.exe?

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  • Where to find TAP.exe / TA.exe?

    Dear Techs,

    I had some issues in installing windows xp Pro on Dell Optiplex is shutting down automatically during installation.My understanding is that the error occurs when the OS is switching from real mode to protected mode. The OS is loading the drivers necessary to access the boot drive in protected mode.If the correct PCI driver or other disk device drivers are not in the image, the system will blue-screen. This is exactly happening, it is showing blue screen for fraction of second (not able to write error code) and shuts down. I read many forums and found that The best way to gather all the necessary components is to install Windows XP Pro on the target systems and run TAP.EXE. The next best solution is to use XPe’s CD1 and boot to WinPE and run TAP.EXE or TA.exe. My problem is that i am not able to find location to download tap.exe or ta.exe and instructions to use this exe.If anyone can give some idea to the problem and to the TAP.exe or TA.exe would be great.

    Thanks & regards

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    Re: Where to find TAP.exe / TA.exe?


    is it happening right after its loading the drivers at the start???

    i mean you boot from cd.... windows start's to load drivers... and you get the blue screen

    so you get not to the part please press F8 bla bla and partitioning...

    if yes than i had the same problem a couple of days ago with my new system at home....

    the problem for me was that windows xp does not support very good to install it from SATA dvd... because i had also AHCI enabled in the bios other vise my bios would not allow to boot from the DVD drive...

    i just unplugged the SATA DVD drive and used my old IDE DVD... also changed in the bios all SATA settings to native ide support and disabled AHCI in the bios... and disabled all settings related to raid in the bios...

    good luck
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