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System Mechanic 5 won't let me log in to Win 98se

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  • System Mechanic 5 won't let me log in to Win 98se

    Hello MCSE folks,

    I installed System Mechanic 5 on my Win 98se computer (like I've done on some of the other network computers). Now it won't allow me to login.

    I installed Syst Mech 5, checked the "create backup/undo file", then downloaded the Sys Mech program updates and spyware updates. I then rebooted the machine and as it was booting it said that the registry was corrupted and that windows had restored the registry with a good copy. It then continued to load up until the password part. It will not accept anyones password including the admins. Everything is typed correctly including the domain name. I booted into safe mode to do an uninstall but I get a Sys Mech window that says that Sys Mech can't be run in 16 color mode.

    I called Sys Mech 5 tech support and they said I much have deleted something in the file or registry cleaners (I hadn't even used the program yet). Their tech support sent me an email with how to recover a lost password from windows XP (they know I have 98se ).

    Thanks a whole bunch, I didn't know where to go after that letdown until a friend told me about you folks.

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    Actually you must understand what was happend.

    When is system registry in windows 98 corrupted, system will automatically use the restore process.
    This mustīnt have to be a System mechanic problem !
    It may be an error at writing in system registry, or unproper installation may cause this situation.
    The only thing, that I could say. After each installation use system registry backup. But not in system mechanic ! Restart PC in MS-DOS and run scanreg. Make registry backup and then install in windows new aplications.
    And when this error happend, go in MS-DOS and use scanreg to restore correct redistry.

    Problem with domain login was happend by restoring backup registry, which does not have domain network settings.
    Look in Network settings - TCP/IP - IP address, submask, gateway, and DNS server. In network properties set domain name, then restart and log in !
    When problem with loging still persist, the only thing you can do:
    REINSTALL WIN98 ![/b]