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Save data during system recovery

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  • Save data during system recovery

    I have to do a complete system recovery, not a system restore.
    The system is as follows:
    compaq presario
    windows xp home edition version 2002
    service pack 1
    1.20 GHz
    512 MB of RAM
    Drives A-3.5 FLOPPY C&D PARTITIONED 20 GIG hardrive E-cd-rw F-cd-rw
    G&H PARTITIONED 40 GIG hardrive
    Is there a way to save the data, pictures, zipped programs. etc on the
    G hardrive while a system recovery is done then retrieve it after everything is reloaded on drives
    C&D from the recovery CD
    It should be possible but I have no idea how to do it. MAX-BLAST PLUS II was used to install the second 40 GIG hardrive the first time. My associate who is microsoft certified said he thought I could reaccess the data without reistalling the second hardrive as long as the files were the same format ie
    If the 40 gig is not reinstalled using max blast will Windows recognize drive G&H by searching the hardware?
    I hope you can respond with appropriate information.
    thank you very much Daniel
    my e-mail addess is [email protected]

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    You should be able to backup your data to the other drive without a problem. If you're concerned about the data being erased during the system recovery disconnect it first.

    I don't believe MaxBlast is even required for a 40GB drive on your machine. MaxBlast is good but only really required when your BIOS doesn't support LBA (which yours should support) or LBA48 (doesn't concern you) on drives over 128GB.

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