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XP locks up before login completes

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  • XP locks up before login completes

    When some of my users bootup their computers, their systems hangs on the "Applying Computer setting" screen. Sometimes it completes it's boot process after 20 or 30 minutes. This almost always happens to laptop users when they have used their laptops off the domain and sometimes happens to desktop users. I have found that unplugging the network from the computer resolves the issue. If the computer is not plugged into the network when it boots up then there is no issue. This tell me that the issue is something with the network but I can not figure out the issue.

    Thanks for any help and insight that can be given.

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    Re: XP locks up before login completes

    sounds like it could be a dns issue to me, unfortunatly this is something ive only just started to play around with but, i would try looking at doing some research on "netdiag" maybe running netdiag /fix (this fixs small issues with dns).

    im sorry i cant give you more help or advice at this time but im just about to leave work :P

    is a great source of info about dns though and hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be able to give you more information :P


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      Re: XP locks up before login completes

      As a random aside there was a patch for McAfee VirusScan and a similar issue a while ago for example.

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