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  • Cannot pull up profile

    I recently scanned a computer with spybot and fixed the issues that were caught by spybot. Now a user cannot log in, computer is saying that the profile is missing or not found. Would a system restore fix this?

    Any idea?

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    Re: Cannot pull up profile

    System restore would fix it most likely. Tried logging in with a different user login?
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      Re: Cannot pull up profile

      Please note that if you had some malware on your computer, restoring to a previous state after the clean-up will probably restore the malware also...
      This is the reason most (just to be politically correct and not say "ALL") malware removal instructions start with "Disable System Restore" ...

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        Re: Cannot pull up profile

        Ahhh Gotcha, yeah that makes sense. Turns out a buddy at the office got it working. He is not even sure what he did if anything.

        To answer Wired's question, I did login with my username after the spybot scan, it was just that profile that had a problem.

        Thanks guys!