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Windows XP SP1 under RIS

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  • Windows XP SP1 under RIS

    I have a Windows 2000 Server with SP3, which I use to install client by using RIS.

    Till now, I installed Windows 2000 Professional with SP3 on the clients.
    Since some of my client computers have Linux installed, I added the Repartition=Yes under the [Unattended] section in the SIF file, so the installation would repartition the main drive of the client computer and installed windows.

    Recently I created a Windows XP with SP! distribution and added it to the RIS server. again, so automate the reparitioning procedure, i added the Repartition=Yes line to the SIF file, but this time, it doesn't help.
    When I try on install the XP by RIS on Linux-Installed computers, the installation doesn't repartition the disk, and waits for me to handle the partitioning phase.

    Why this worked on Win2k installations and not on WinXP installations as well?

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    Have you tried adding usewholedisk=yes?
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      Yes I have, but that didn't help either.
      also, UseWholeDiskSpace isn't for RIPrep images only?

      BTW, mine isn't...