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Recover Lost Primary Hard Drive in Setup

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  • Recover Lost Primary Hard Drive in Setup

    While configuring my Dell Latitude CPt Laptop; Microsoft 2000 Professional I inadvertently clicked on some setting that caused the PC to go into reboot. When it rebooted it opened in DOS instead of Windows. It stopped at a screen that read Primary Hard Drive 0 NONE; No boot device available, No boot device. The next screen referred me to either choose F1 to try and reboot or F2 to setup. When I went into setup I noticed that my Primary hard drive (I only have 2) was not there. I removed the hard drive and reinstalled it and the PC booted up to Windows. I thought it was fixed. It wasn't! I shut it down last night and this morning when I started it up it again booted to DOS and every time I retry to boot after removing the hard drive it only booted to DOS. I can only get to the DOS setup screens...

    I need to know how to recover my hard drive in DOS setup. Windows 2000 Pro


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    Re: Recover Lost Primary Hard Drive in Setup

    When you say DOS I assume you really mean BIOS. It is likely either you HDD or controller is flaky which means on certain boots it doesn't either have time to spin the drive up or fails to see the HDD. When you say you inadvertantly clicked on something to make it reboot I suspect it wasn't you doing that, just the machine losing the hdd while the machine was powered (this may indicate a contact issue).

    Next time you get it into Windows I really recommend backing up your data.

    Is the laptop still under warranty? If not see if another hdd suffers the same problem or see if this hdd works fine in another machine.

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      Re: Recover Lost Primary Hard Drive in Setup

      Perhaps a better explanation by the OP would help - it certainly sounds as if it could be the BIOS POST info, which can be seen / hidden on many motherboards via a simple TAB key during boot but which can also be permanently set to show / hide in the BIOS itself as well....

      However, I do not recall many instances of the computer automatically entering the BIOS on its own, and the screen described by the OP suggest that this is after the POST when the computer is trying to boot. There is also the possible scenario that the machine POSTS so quickly when every thing is working correctly that the end user rarely sees most of the POST screen at all, but if in fact the HDD / controller has gone on the fritz, then all of a sudden the POST is going to take a lot longer as the BIOS continually scans for the 'missing' HD, and with it being a white text on black background with virtually no graphics shown, it is easy to see how this would be called a 'DOS' screen.