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XP Clients Very Slow

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  • XP Clients Very Slow

    I have a 5 computer XP peer-to-peer network setup. Three are using XP Pro, 2 XP Home, each has a minimum of 256MB RAM and are fast machines.
    I'm running a Delphi application from one of the computers which acts as a "dedicated" server. The app's exe and data are on the "server" in separte folders. Each of the "clients" runs the exe from the "server".
    Here's the situation. Client 1 starts the app and the response time is great while switching forms, retrieving data from edits and lookups. Client 2 starts the app and it's response time is 4 to 6 times of Client 1. This is true for Clients 3 & 4. After all clients exit the application I have Client 2 start the app and it's response time is great. Now Client 1 or 3 or 4 starts the app and the 4 to 6 times slow down occurs for them. This happens regardless of who is first, then second, third and fourth. Being anyting but the first to start the app is like being on dialup instead of 3.1gb DSL! ugh.
    Any ideas will greatly be appreciated. Thank you.