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    I have installed a program called Shakti Office in windows xp professional sp2, It consists of seven Applications, like Word processor, spread sheet, presentation, etc.....

    When i open any one of the applications mentioned above and click File menu or Open dialog the program closes abruptly without any error message. I tried to run the programs in compatibility mode, setting the compatibility mode for Windows 2000, i was able to Run the program without any error. the compatibility Mode is getting registered in the Windows Registry at the following Path "HKLM\software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\AppCompatFlags\Layers. for the user login from which i have performed the operation. But for other users in the same system, Compatibility mode is not applied.

    Kindly Tell me is there any way to Apply the Compatibility mode universally for All users and Any new users created there after.

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    Re: Compatibilty Mode

    Please read the forum rules (especially #4) .
    Given the info you provided so far I can only tell: "There probably is"...

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