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Making custom xp loading (splash) screen

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  • Making custom xp loading (splash) screen

    i have tried to making my windows xp please wait screen after windows xp setup. but i can't. just i want to making custom image on windows loading screen. but how...

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    Re: Making custom xp loading screen

    Sorry but I have no idea what you are asking. Please restate your question but in a more descriptive detail.

    I will also move this to the XP Form since it seems to have nothing to do with SBS 2008.

    [EDIT: Thanks Andy, the above post is now understandable. Good4all, I have made a minor modification to your title to make it a bit clear about what you want to do.]
    Last edited by biggles77; 4th April 2008, 04:47. Reason: Added later info.
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      Re: Making custom xp loading screen

      You could try looking here maybe?

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