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Can't install windows after format

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  • Can't install windows after format


    I have some 2-3 years old stations, that works.

    I wanted to reinstall system on some of them, (2 exactly) and on both, I have exactly the same problem.

    While copying some files, mostly *.dll, and some important *.exe files, I got like several times warning message that file can not be copied, or cd image is corrupted etc...

    Well, I know how it looks like, but...

    I tried different cds, I also changed cables, cd-roms, hard drives, ram, switched between IDE ports. Bios was upgraded, and still the same thing...

    for me personally, it looks like some mbr rootkit, that is messing arround with windows, since I tried to install linux on both machines, and had no problem at all... or I am extremely lucky, and two hard drives I bought, have bad blocks in the same places.

    Any ideas?

    BTW, machines are quite ok, 2,4 ghz, 768 mb ddr ram, 80gb hdd,
    ..:: jumanji

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    Re: Can't install windows after format

    Believe me or not, but both memory and hard drive were broken...

    it looks like it's solved now.

    ..:: jumanji


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      Re: Can't install windows after format

      Believe it or not, we believe (almost) anything computer-related.
      Thank you for updating the forum with the solution.

      Sorin Solomon

      In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.


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        Re: Can't install windows after format

        I hope it will help someone with the same symptoms.
        ..:: jumanji


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          Re: Can't install windows after format

          how its possible??
          U told that you have tried with changing all well as u was installed linux successfully...
          then how it may be of HDD & RAM problem...

          Could u please elaborate this?


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            Re: Can't install windows after format

            No problem at all.

            First of all, I changed the hard drive, it didn't help. Then the memory, didn't help either. Then cables etc. etc. The point was, that when I replaced one thing, and that didn't make any change, I put it back, so I never had two things replaced at the same time, because I didn't see any reason for that.

            I was able to install linux on that, and how? well, It looks like Linux is more resistant to such kind of errors, and it's not falling apart like windows...

            Or maybe linux could work on the 256 memory bone which wasn't corrupted, and windows exceed that amount of memory, and allocate some important parts of the system on broken ram?

            Anyway, replacing both hdd and ram memory helped.

            Any other questions? I will be happy to answer.
            ..:: jumanji


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              Re: Can't install windows after format

              OK. Now I could diagest to some level.